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Northern Explorer Finds Local Employment Following Reconnect Celebration 2021

Morgan Ulseth participated in the first ever Northern Explorer program this past September as part of Michigan’s Creative Coast and Traverse Connect’s talent attraction efforts. Twelve individuals from outside the Grand Traverse Region were offered complimentary tickets to attend the Reconnect Celebration in order to meet local employers, organizations, and entrepreneurs. In addition to attending the event, the Northern Explorers were matched with our Northern Navigators who acted as their personal ambassadors for getting to know the region and its various opportunities. The Explorers were also featured with profiles across Traverse Connect and Michigan’s Creative Coast platforms.

Closely following the event, several employers noticed Morgan’s profile through the campaign. After multiple interviews with local companies, Morgan was offered a position with Britten Inc.

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“Shortly after my move back to Traverse City, Michigan from Chicago, Illinois, I heard of Michigan’s Creative Coast and was extended the opportunity to attend the Reconnect event. This program consisted of mentorship and exposure in the Grand Traverse region that allowed me to secure a role with Britten Inc. as a Content Manager. I have been embracing the transition from big corporate to a local family owned business. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to live in a city I grew up loving!” 

The other explorers expressed enthusiasm over the quality connections they made and the local opportunities they discovered.

Sarahbeth Ramsey, relocated from Baltimore, MD: “I had so much fun and met so many amazing people. Thank you also for encouraging me to apply for the tickets, as well as helping me so much with my move to Traverse City. I am SO grateful for Michigan’s Creative Coast and Traverse Connect. It has made this transition easier than I could’ve imagined…Everything about [that] night was incredible and I’m so thankful to have been a part. Thank you again.

Dawn Wisner, relocating from downstate Michigan:I’m excited to say that I did find a new job that is remote, making it easier to move that way. I’m working on helping my husband find something as well. One step closer for us. We loved the event and met a lot of amazing people! Thank you!

Karlene Kuhn, would like to relocate from Juneau, AK: “I am so grateful for all of the introductions you made at the event and I’m excited to see where these connections take me. It was great meeting the other Northern Explorers, and I’ve already made plans to connect with another Northern Explorer this week while I’m in town… All around a great event!

We are very pleased with the success of these Northern Explorers, and we look forward to extending this program into future years.

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