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Traverse Connect PAC 2020 Endorsements

The Traverse Connect Political Action Committee (PAC) is one of Traverse Connect’s tools used to support the election of decision-makers who will ensure northern Michigan has a strong voice in Lansing. The PAC supports candidates who have a proven track record or indicate they will be strong advocates for the northern Michigan business community.

The Traverse Connect PAC is funded by personal contributions distinct and separate from corporate investment in Traverse Connect. The PAC’s bipartisan committee thoroughly vets candidates based on the organization’s economic development priorities and provides recommendations to the Traverse Connect Executive Committee, the final decision-making authority. This election cycle, the PAC solicited responses to a questionnaire, asking candidates about their stance on infrastructure, childcare, education, housing, talent, COVID-19 recovery, and more. Responses were analyzed by the PAC and recommendations were sent to the Traverse Connect Executive Committee for consideration.

For more information on the Traverse Connect PAC’s 2020 endorsements, please read the following: Traverse Connect PAC Candidate Endorsements.

2020 General Election State Representative Endorsements

Jack O'Malley (R)

District 101

Campaign Website

Michele Hoitenga (R)

District 102

Campaign Website

Daire Rendon (R)

District 103

Campaign Website

Dan O'Neil (D)

District 104

Campaign Website

Ken Borton (R)

District 105

Campaign Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Traverse Connect PAC or TC PAC.

The purpose of the Traverse Connect PAC is to support the nomination and election of qualified candidates to public offices in the U.S. Federal government and the State of Michigan in addition to issues and ballot campaigns that espouse or reflect the policies and principles deemed important to Traverse Connect and its investors.

Personal checks can be made payable in any amount to Traverse Connect PAC and sent or dropped off to Traverse Connect PAC, 202 E. Grandview Parkway, Traverse City, MI 49684. Credit card processing may be possible at a later date, but for now, a check is the best and fastest way to contribute.

Not allowed: Corporate checks

Allowed: Checks from a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, or Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)

We will need to collect the following information from you for reporting purposes for both money and in-kind contributions:

  • Name (First & Last)
  • Complete address
  • Occupation
  • Employer

Individuals are allowed to give an unlimited amount of direct or in-kind contributions to Traverse Connect PAC.

  • Contribution of Money: A committee may accept direct contributions of money from legal sources. Direct contributions of $20.01 or more must be on written instruments such as a check, money order or credit card. Direct contributions of $20.00 or less may be received in cash.
  • In-kind Contribution: In-kind contributions are goods, services and facilities donated or loaned to the committee at no cost or at a discount. An in-kind contribution could be a donation of postage stamps, paying off a debt incurred by the committee or donating professional services to the committee. The value of an in-kind contribution is the fair market value of the goods or services or the usual rental charge of the facility. If the committee receives a discount unavailable to the general public, the value of the in-kind contribution is the amount discounted.
  • Individuals
    • Joint checking accounts – spouses are allowed to contribute from a joint checking account. For reporting purposes, the contribution will be recorded from the person who signed the check.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, or Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)
  • Other registered PACs
  • Registered Party committees
  • Anonymous contributions
  • Cash contributions over $20.00
  • Earmarking to a specific candidate committee
  • Contributions from foreign nationals
  • Making a contribution in the name of another individual or organization
  • Contributions from corporations, joint-stock companies, labor organizations, tribes
  • Casino interest holders

The Traverse Connect Executive Committee is the ultimate decision-maker in who receives contributions from the TC PAC. The Executive Committee enlists the PAC Committee and Traverse Connect staff to help vet and recommend candidates. The PAC Committee and staff use a questionnaire, direct interviews, and voting records/public statements to inform their recommendations and decision making.

The PAC Committee and Executive Committee consider four criteria when making a recommendation:

  • The extent to which the candidate or PAC supports the mission and vision of the organization
  • The extent to which the candidate or PAC supports the policy priorities of the organization
  • The extent to which the candidate or PAC has proven leadership capabilities
  • The extent to which the candidate or PAC represents the area or region

The easiest way is to send an email to and staff will respond to you in a timely manner.