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Legislative Priorities

Four Pillars of Rural Prosperity

  1. State Business Incentive parity for different demographics of the state
  2. Rural research and development tax credit
  3. Address rural infrastructure, such as high-speed internet and Public Act 51
  1. Rural internship or apprenticeship credit
  2. Rural relocation tax credit targeting out-of-state relocation
  3. Advance rural health care, education, and training interests
  1. Incentive for rural employers who offset employee housing costs through new development, rehabilitation, vouchers or down payment programs
  2. Create rural payment-in-lieu-of-taxes program for qualifying rural local units of government interested in incentivizing and promoting workforce housing
  3. Amend MSHDA Qualified Allocation Plan (OAP) to better address rural housing needs
  1. lncentivize options for employers to provide childcare on-site or through multi-employer cooperative
  2. Create childcare industry ombudsman, or similar transparency check, to address compliance and regulatory inconsistencies across the state
  3. Increase technical assistance for new childcare providers

Other Priorities

Established positions we continue to promote with the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance.

  • Support Going Pro funding to assist employer training needs
  • Defend changes to road funding formula known as Public Act 51
  • Close the K-12 per-pupil funding gap with 2x formula
  • Policies conducive to reliable and affordable energy production and distribution in Northern Michigan
  • Maintain state investment of Pure Michigan campaign
  • Defend post-Labor Day school start law
  • Support simple and competitive business tax structures and rates
  • Advocate for rural tiers or set-asides for state incentives and programs
  • Pursue and defend policies that expand business opportunities in Northern Michigan