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Public Policy Engagement

Traverse Connect Advocacy Efforts

Traverse Connect advocates on behalf of business in northern Michigan, and on behalf of the business interests of its investors. Investor benefits include access to professional government relations staff and expertise.

Our investors benefit from Traverse Connect’s advocacy efforts in the following ways:

  • We work with our investors to advocate for policies that create an environment favorable to business, job, and community growth and development
  • We will be the “Voice for Business” in our community
  • We work to ensure that business is seen as a valued constituency at the local and state level
  • We can make a difference in our investor’s bottom lines – through direct assistance or intervention at state and local levels
  • We can provide political capital for our investors when they need it.
  • We can help connect investors to administration officials and policymakers to assist them in building their own political capital
  • We can connect our investors with other strong partners and coalitions locally and statewide.
  • We offer insider insight and consultation without the charge of paying for a private consultant or lobbyist
  • We can be a legislative consultant for their business