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2023 Grand Traverse Region Employer Benefits Survey Report

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Employers have an overwhelming demand and face vast challenges when attracting and retaining talent. Employer offered benefits play a large role in attracting and retaining talent. As a business owner, it can be challenging to determine if your benefits package is in line with other employers in our region.

The study garnered strong survey responses and represented a comprehensive cross section of employers. Over a dozen industry sectors are represented in the data and there were 200 individual responses. The survey was designed to not only capture data regarding traditional employee benefits, but also less common, and unique, benefits such as wellness and childcare. The survey will be conducted on a bi-annual basis and reevaluated and designed in response to employer feedback. Future surveys will likely include questions concerning additional benefits such as retirement, housing, and hybrid/in-office work requirements.

The purpose of the survey and report is to understand the benefits offered by employers, the preferences of employees, and the emerging trends in the region. The report aims to assist employers in making informed decisions about their benefits packages and to support employees in evaluating their overall compensation and benefits.

The employer benefits report will serve as a solid benchmarking tool for the businesses, small and large, in our community.