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TCYP Member Spotlight – Ellie Kebler

What is your day job?

I am the digital marketing specialist for Cherry Republic!

How long have you lived in the Grand Traverse area?

I have been living in Traverse City for a year and a half now after moving from Washington, D.C. I absolutely love it.

What is your favorite thing about living/working in the Traverse City area?

I love living/working in Traverse City because there are endless opportunities to be creative and work with the community.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I run my food blog @elliesdairyfreekitchen! I suffer from dairy allergies so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping food and I love food photography. I also love to work out with my best friend and try new restaurants with my boyfriend!

How do you get involved in the community?

I get involved in the community through supporting local businesses every chance I get and attend as many TCYP events as I can!

What is your favorite local business (restaurant, shop, service,etc.) and why?

My favorite local business is Third Coast Bakery because they are an allergy-safe and lifestyle-friendly bakery. My favorite thing on their menu is the lemon glazed donut!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I don’t know about weird, but my most unique job is that I worked for a United States Congressman in the U.S. Capitol doing all things government relations.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

Something surprising about me is that I played college basketball.

What is something you learned in the last week?

I learned that 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving.

How can other TCYP members support you (personally or professionally)?

They could help me by following my food blog!