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GTAMC Manufacturing Summit Returns June 7, 2022

The Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council is hosting the annual Manufacturing Summit on June 7 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Hagerty Center at Northwestern Michigan College. Every year, the summit illuminates the changes impacting industry in the state and across the country. Get a rundown of the topics and speakers below:

Keynote Speaker – Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence: Recession, Inflation, and War – Oh My!

Chris Kuehl, Managing Director at Armada Corporate Intelligence

Chris’ own description of his keynote offers the following, “As a good Kansas boy, I couldn’t resist. What is the situation right now? How real is the threat of recession and runaway inflation? What is feeding the concern, and is there a path back to some semblance of normal? I have been trying to talk people off the ledge these days as there are still many positive signs, but the threats are real as well. What role is supply chain breakdown and labor shortage playing in all this?”

Ty Schmidt, Good Works Lab: Workplace Mental Health

Ty offers the following overview, “This presentation will spotlight the latest research on workplace mental health and innovative actions employers are taking to strengthen psychological safety at work, improve access to mental health resources, and center equity in their mental health strategy.”

Scott Kunselman, Promethient: The current disruption in the auto industry and related manufacturing/consumer product businesses.

For insight into the auto industry and other consumer product manufacturers, Scott offers a preview of his presentation. “The talk will include a qualitative, top-down view of the latest wave of changes affecting industry in the U.S. and what to expect. The auto industry will serve as the basis for discussion. I will touch on the basic drivers of change, the current reactions to these shifts, and the likely adjustments needed looking forward.  Topics addressed will include consumer behavior, economics, logistics, regulations, leadership, and employees.”

Dennis Arouca, GTAMC Board of Directors: Industry 4.0 Consortium Grants & Future, Learning Lab & Hub, How manufacturers can get involved.

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