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TCYP Member Spotlight – Mallory Szczepanski

This month we are featuring Mallory Szczepanski. Mallory has been a member of TCYP since August 2022 and participates on the TCYP Marketing Committee.


What is your day job?
I am the vice president of member relations and publications and editor-in-chief of WasteRecycling magazine at the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA).


How long have you lived in the Grand Traverse area?
I am moving to the area at the end of November/beginning of December, but I have been visiting Traverse City multiple times a year for more than 30 years.


What is your favorite thing about living/working in the Traverse City area?
I am relocating back to Michigan from New York, so I’m definitely going to enjoy the change of pace, fresh air and nature, local art scene, meeting new people, exploring all that Traverse City has to offer and getting involved in the community.


What do you do for fun?
In my downtime, I enjoy exploring independent bookstores, reading, writing (I’m working on my first thriller novel!), dancing, Muay Thai, biking, watching/attending football and hockey games and attending concerts and festivals. I also hope to get back into theater classes once I move to Traverse City.


How do you get involved in the community?
Currently, I participate in local trash cleanups. Once I move to Traverse City, I’ll be heavily involved in TCYP and the Festival Foundation’s Preserve the Traditions Committee.


What is your favorite local business (restaurant, shop, service,etc.) and why?
This is a hard question as there are so many great places in Traverse City! I’m going to have to go with Landmark Books and Farm Club because Landmark always has an amazing used book selection and Farm Club has the freshest, most delicious farm boards!


What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
I would consider it more awesome than weird, but I was a character performer at Walt Disney World right after I graduated from high school. I won’t ruin the magic by telling you which characters!


Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
I have not driven a car in eight years. I never needed one while living in New York, so it’s definitely going to be an adjustment getting behind the wheel again!


What is something you learned in the last week?
I am studying for my Sustainability Excellence Associate Credentials exam, so I’m learning a lot more about sustainability-related issues, including trends, impact and perspectives.

How can other TCYP members support you (personally or professionally)?
I invite other TCYP members to link up with me for coffee to see how we can support each other on both a professional and personal level—support is a two-way street! Here’s my LinkedIn to connect: