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Q&A with TCYP Morning Meetup Speaker Kennith Scott of NeuroChangeSolutions

During the 2023 Traverse City Young Professionals’ (TCYP) Morning Meetup Speaker Series, continuing on April 20 at 8 a.m. ET, NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant Kennith Scott will give an enlightening presentation on the “neuroscience of personal change” and how we can apply it to our lives.

Scott recently sat down with us to provide some further details about his upcoming presentation and what attendees can expect to learn.

Tell us about your role as a consultant for NeuroChangeSolutions.

Scott: It is the most fulfilling role I have had in my life. I believe we all have an internal vision of ourselves and who we would like to be in the world, and many times, in hindsight, as we review our lives or daily actions, we realize we could do better. Teaching people how habitual we really are and how we are uniquely designed to change those habits has the potential to empower individuals with the tools to embody their internal vision and to become the greatest expression of themselves. 

Tell us about NeuroChangeSolutions’ Change Your Mind…Create New Results program.

Scott: We teach individuals, teams and organizations about the neuroscience and biology of change. We facilitate a journey of self-exploration and self-evolution, and we demystify the process of personal change and transformation by explaining the process in easy-to-understand scientific principles. We teach what we need to do in order to change, why it is so important to be adaptable and how to use our brain and body as instruments of transformation.

During the Morning Meetup, you’ll be discussing the neuroscience of personal change and how we can apply it to our personal and professional lives. Tell us what attendees can expect to learn and take away from your presentation.

Scott: Relatively speaking, the Morning Meetup is a short conversation, so we need to keep our focus narrow. The audience is young professionals, which has a lot of benefit as we are still solidifying our personalities and identities until we are in our mid-30s, so I really want to focus on how we as humans are unique in our ability to be creators! I want to talk about making Memories of Your Future and why that is such a powerful approach to demonstrating our innate abilities as creators of our lives.

You also plan to highlight the three functions of the Frontal Lobe and the effects of stress on the Frontal Lobe. Can you share a little bit about this?

Scott: Think of an invention that has greatly enhanced your life and recognize at some point that object or thing was only a thought in someone’s brain, an internal representation of some future event not yet available to your five senses. Now consider what that person had to do from a neurological perspective to bring that idea into reality. That is what I want to talk about!

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in neuroscience?

Scott: Be open to the ever-unfolding field of information, models and ideas of how the brain works, and stay curious. It is probably far too complex for us to ever fully comprehend the details of how the brain does what it does, but every advancement in our understanding is new information we can use to maximize our own potential. Business and industry have not even begun to utilize their most valuable resource: the human brains inside their organization.

Interested in learning more? Join us at TCYP’s April Morning Meetup held on April 20 at 8 a.m. at Traverse Connect in Downtown Traverse City.