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Five Key Impacts of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance in 2019

With the close of 2019, the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance felt it was important to look back and reflect on the key action items and impacts from the past year.

  1. Advanced the development of rural economic development policy and draft legislation. Specifically:
    1. Rural housing payment in lieu of taxes program
    2. Rural business incentive tiers
    3. Rural talent relocation and remote worker tax credit
    4. Employer assisted housing tax credit
  2. Launched the Rural Affairs and Development (RAAD) campaign to create a rural cabinet-level position within the Governor’s administration.
  3. Launched and grew regional coalition to advocate for RAAD and rural development policy.
  4. Grew the Northern Michigan Policy Conference to over 125 attendees and keynote speakers from across the Midwest.
  5. Impactful advocacy and public statements defending rural issues and funding during Michigan’s unique and historic 2019-2020 budget standoff.

We are excited to provide more leadership for northern Michigan and rural economic growth in 2020. Onward!