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Introducing: Michigan’s Creative Coast

In our effort to increase the economic vitality of the Grand Traverse Region, Traverse Connect is launching Michigan’s Creative Coast – Reimagining The Grand Traverse Region’s Creative & Cultural Economy.  

The Grand Traverse Region possesses a well-developed creative industry and arts sector,” said Traverse Connect President & CEO Warren Call. “Traverse Connect wants to build on this advantage by leading the charge to enhance the creative economy in the Grand Traverse Region – attracting creative and innovative business to the region, highlighting existing creative and entrepreneurial culture in the community, and leading initiatives to retain and attract creative and cultural talent. Supporting our creative economy workers is incredibly important not only for contributing to the economy but contributing to our cultural and artistic vibrancy. 

Michigan’s Creative Coast’ is a Traverse Connect Creative Chambers program generously funded by the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, an office of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office’s Creative Chambers Initiative is a talent attraction and retention initiative that bolsters economic development and the creative industries by engaging the local business and creative community,” said Selam Ghirmai, director of the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office. “Traverse Connect has enthusiastically embraced the concept that a vibrant creative and cultural community is one of the greatest assets of Traverse City. Not only do they plan to uplift the existing makers, creators, and entrepreneurs in the region, but by placing ‘Creative Coast’ on the map, they’re going to be able to attract new talent from bigger cities. 

Creative Coast programming launches this summer with the Creative Coast Podcast. This 12-part series explores the stories of creative entrepreneurs who have made Traverse City their home and who have brought with them exciting new ideas, interestsinspirations, and innovationsAirloom Media produces the podcast. 

Upcoming Creative Coast programs include: 

  • Creative Coast Scholarships for Leadership Grand TraverseTraverse Connect is offering a scholarship for up to five creative professionals to participate in the 2020/21 Leadership Grand Traverse cohort, covering 90% of tuition fees ($1,800 of $2,000).  
  • Creative Economy Directory: Traverse Connect, in partnership with The Boardman Review, is powering the production of a Creative Directory intended to highlight the wealth of creative professionals growing their enterprises in the Grand Traverse region. 
  • Michigan’s Creative Coast Website: The Creative Coast website will highlight the impressive lifestyle and career opportunities in the area, specifically in the tech ecosystem, traded industries, creative sectors, and remote work as well as the region’s cultural and artistic vibrancy.  

Individuals may sign up on the Traverse Connect website for the Creative Coast newsletter, launching this week, to stay up-to-date on the upcoming Creative Coast podcasts and programs.