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Abby Seitter

Abby Seitter, Event Marketing Coordinator

Abby Seitter is the Event Marketing Coordinator at Traverse Connect, bringing her passion for communication and event management to the team. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Aquinas College, Abby joined Traverse Connect in January 2024.

In her role, Abby is responsible for collaborating with the Traverse City Young Professionals and working with the current chair to enhance events and programs. She oversees the design and production of event materials and supports the planning and execution of Traverse Connect events with a focus on financial and time efficiency. Motivated by a desire to contribute to Traverse Connect’s success and promote its benefits, Abby strives to engage more people and businesses while ensuring memorable event experiences.

Abby’s career journey began at Consumers Credit Union, where she served as a Member Service Representative and Marketing Events Coordinator. Over time, she gained experience in mortgage lending, project management, administration, customer service, and event management, shaping her into a versatile professional.

Outside of work, Abby enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and spending time on the water. She cherishes moments with her husband and values quality time with family and friends.