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Legislative Update – October 27, 2021

House votes to preempt local bans on short-term rentals

Early this morning, the House passed a new version of a preemption for local bans on short-term rental properties.

HB 4722 (H-11) passed 55-48 and now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The bill says short-term rental properties can’t be banned, be subject to a conditional use permit and not be considered a commercial property. Local governments can limit at 30% the percentage of units in within its boundaries that can do short-term rentals.

Governments can also limit the number of short-term rentals a person can rent out at two. It also limits the number of consecutive days someone can rent a property at 30.

Locals can still regulate noise, advertising, traffic and other conditions that may create a nuisance through an ordinance. It also allows locals to conduct health and safety inspections.


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