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Legislative Update – November 17, 2021

Emergency Temporary Standard Support Request

Traverse Connect and the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance this week signed on to a letter requesting the Whitmer Administration use dollars already appropriated by the Legislature for vaccines and testing. Many employers are pursuing the testing option for their workforce and are concerned about testing costs and availability to cover a potentially significant portion of their workforce. These dollars would support employers with the sourcing and purchasing of testing for the duration of the six-month Emergency Temporary Standard.

Conservative-leaning appeals court to hear Emergency Temporary Standard case

All lawsuits challenging the federal vaccine mandate yesterday were consolidated and designated for the 6th circuit court of appeals based in Ohio. The 6th circuit covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The court is made up of 11 Republican-appointed judges and five appointed by Democratic presidents. The panel of judges to hear the case is yet to be chosen. No date has been set for initial proceedings.

The case may ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.