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Grand Traverse County COVID-19 Community Mitigation Update – Friday, March 13

Traverse Connect is supporting our community as a representative at the Grand Traverse County Joint Operation Center for mitigation efforts of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The center held its first meeting on the evening of Friday, March 13.

Updates will be given daily and Traverse Connect will continue to provide these to our investors, partners, and community.

A new statewide hotline is now open to address COVID-19 health questions. 1-888-535-6136

Grand Traverse County key community stakeholders and leaders met collaboratively today to coordinate our community-wide and coordinated response to the Coronavirus at the Traverse City/Grand Traverse County Governmental Center. Leaders from a cross-section of government, school, health, and private sector organizations met to together to form a Joint Operation Center that will provide a unified source or information and single plan for mitigating the Coronavirus. The following entities participated in the meeting:

  1. Grand Traverse County
  2.  Munson Healthcare System
  3. City of Traverse City
  4. Traverse City Area Public Schools
  5. Grand Traverse Metro Fire and EMS
  6. Cherry Capital Airport
  7. Bay Area Transportation Authority
  8. United States Coast Guard
  9. Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District
  10. Northwestern Michigan College
  11. Traverse Connect
  12. Michigan Legislature, Senator Wayne Schmidt


Friday, March 13 Update:

Community mitigation is currently our only public health tool and our only defense against the spread of this virus in our community.  These community mitigation efforts will take complete community buy-in and support.

Our school systems were among the first to officially close their doors but this was only our first step.  We as a community must all take the necessary and capable steps to follow suit and help protect our community and its members.

Unified, social distancing practices and the necessary precautionary measures will have a drastic effect on the potential spread of this virus. 

We as your community Health Department, supported by our fellow community leaders are asking for you to do your part in protecting our community.