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TCYP Member Spotlight – Brittany McLellan

What is your day job?
CPA at Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth CPAs 

How long have you lived in the Grand Traverse area?
I moved to Traverse City in June of 2016, I am about to celebrate 4 years in this great city. 

What is your favorite thing about living/working in the Traverse City area?
We have access to everything I love, beautiful golf courses, amazing rivers to kayak, only a short drive to lake Michigan, great places to eat and drink and you cannot beat the view of the Bay! 

What do you do for fun?
For fun I love to golf, kayak, hike and bike, when the weather does not support those activities I enjoy cooking and reading.

How do you get involved in the community?
Joining organizations in the community is a great way to get involved. In addition, I play in a lot of sport leagues which helps me meet new people, which has also lead me to more opportunities to get involved. 

What is your favorite local business (restaurant, shop, service,etc.) and why?
My favorite restaurant/bar is Rarebird Brewpub, I love the atmosphere there, all of the employees are super personable and nice and the food and beer is great.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
The weirdest job that I have ever had is also my favorite. I worked at a horseback riding summer camp where your duties ranged from shoveling horse manure to reading bedtime stories to kids. I have a lot of fun memories from working at a summer camp. 

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. 
I was a certified horseback riding instructor all throughout college.

What is something you learned in the last week?
During the stay at home order I have learned a lot about myself and my work habits while adapting working from home. The main thing that I had to learn was to separate work from home.  

How can other TCYP members support you (personally or professionally)?
TCYP members support me by just talking about their experiences. I take a great interest in other people’s journeys on how they got to where they are today as well as where they plan on going in life. I think we all can learn from each other and have a lot to offer to one another.