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Traverse Connect Community Coaching

Help our community develop future leaders.

We recognize that our community has incredible leaders with great coaching skills who have a desire to help others grow. Do you possess these qualities?

• Has integrity as a core value – does the right thing even in difficult situations

• Coaches at every opportunity, both spontaneously as well as in conversations that are planned

• Is not afraid of confrontation, but handles it wisely

• Considers coaching as a major responsibility of every leader

• Is results-oriented

• Recognizes that leaders are always on stage

• Utilizes active listening skills and is able to provide open and honest feedback

• Is organized and strong in follow-through and documentation

• Is willing to ask challenging questions

If so, Traverse Connect needs you! We are excited to announce the launch of a leadership coaching program that will start in January, 2022. Our intent is to secure a coach pool before inviting those interested in being coached to register. 

If we have piqued your interest, here are the details:

  • This is a four-month cohort-based program, with an expectation that eight meetings between the coach and the mentee will take place during that time period
  • Coaches will be matched 1:1 with mentee using a strengths-needs model
  • Coaches will receive training, as well as resources to support a set of leadership competencies that will serve as a foundation for the program
  • Although this is a volunteer opportunity, know that any profit made for this program will be directed to additional leadership development programming offered by Traverse Connect
  • There will be an opening, as well as a closing, event
  • Coaches will be featured on a page of Traverse Connect’s website